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For every product purchased, you are supporting women’s economic empowerment, girls’ education on menstrual hygiene and ensuring that girls stay in school even when on their periods.

Our Mission and Vision

EcoJC Pad’s mission is to support, promote and empower women and girls economically through entrepreneurship, innovation and opportunity.

We are a social enterprise that specializes in the local manufacturing and supply of reusable sanitary pads as a cost-effective menstrual hygiene solution for millions of women and girls.

EcoJC Pad is working to empowered women and girls to enjoy their rights with support from their communities and society so they can walk in the fullness of their potential. We mobilizes whole communities, homes and schools to eradicate the culture of silence and taboo that dominate menstruation so as to support and develop an enabling environment to promote and protect the rights of women and girl.

EcoJC Pad envisages a society where women and girls especially school going girls have access to information and knowledge about their bodies during menstruation and how to manage it, access to affordable and hygienic sanitary materials and disposal options, menstruation is seen as a normal biological process and not something negative, shameful or dirty.